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This Week at the JBC

Concise roundup of Colorado Joint Budget Committee activities

This Week at the JBC is a weekly political insider newsletter that gives subscribers the info they need to track and weigh in on state budget debates during the Colorado legislative session.

It's brief and digestible, with links to source documents
for more in-depth information.






Why political insiders choose This Week at the JBC

  • Tracking legislative & budget issues at the same time is difficult. It's tough enough trying to be in both chambers at once -- trying to also simultaneously attend JBC hearings that could affect your work or client initiatives is well-nigh impossible.

  • It's curated by an expert. Editor Jennifer Corrigan brings over 20 years of political and policy expertise, including working as legislative liaison for a department with the state's most complex operating budget.  

  • It helps you work more efficiently. This Week at the JBC tracks the major issues, motions and decisions happening at the Joint Budget Committee... keeping you abreast of key budget concerns, while freeing your time to work on other legislative activities. 

This Week at the JBC sample issues:

Governor's 2022-2023 Budget Request Fact Sheet

February 25, 2022 Edition

2021-2022 Decision Item Spreadsheet

What People Are Saying About This Week at the JBC

"We thought This Week at the JBC would be 'nice to have,' but the newsletter and real-time text services have quickly become indispensable. It makes us look like we are everywhere at once."

- Weist Capitol Group

"Jennifer's coverage of the JBC has been invaluable to me and my clients. She knows what to watch for, what to analyze, and how to separate fact from opinion. These skills, along with her inside knowledge of how departments navigate the budget process, are unparalleled."

- Mary Kay Hogan, The Fulcrum Group

"This Week at the JBC has become our go-to resource for staying on top of the Colorado budget process."

- Colorado Fiscal Institute

For subscription rates, or to learn more,
contact Jennifer Corrigan at

This Week at the JBC is a publication of Summit Policy Works.

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